Now Available: The Tree Meets Tunnel 13 GC

April 24th, 2016 by

The Tree Meets Tunnel 13

Rarely does wood attain legendary status. Even more rarely are TWO legendary woods joined together in one amazing project!   

In 1965, deep in the jungle, a 350 year old giant of a tree, 100 feet tall and 10 feet around was felled and hopelessly trapped in a ravine.  It waited 16 years before it was retrieved and dragged over 100 miles to a steam powered sawmill. When it was opened up it revealed some of the most spectacularly figured Mahogany ever seen.  As its legendary status grew it has been dubbed “The Tree.” For many years the wood has been coveted by guitar builders for its beauty and tonal properties. The Tree exhibited  3 different figures with the tortoise shell figure being the most sought after.

Longer ago in 1880, high in the Siskiyou mountains, a railroad tunnel was built using timbers from virgin Redwood trees for the tunnel supports. In 1926, Southern Pacific train 13, pulling 13 cars, going through Tunnel 13 was held up and 4 men were killed. This was The Last Great American Train Robbery.  A fire in 2003 caused the tunnel to cave in and some of this spectacular redwood was salvaged and sold to Petros Guitars. When these charred timbers were opened up an amazing treasure was indeed found. This 2000 year old wood, air dried in the tunnel for 120 years is some of the finest tonewood the Petros boys have ever encountered. This rare timber has been christened “Tunnel 13 Redwood®.”

Now, in 2016, Petros Guitars has joined these two distinguished treasures for the marriage of the century! A one of a kind guitar is built with the two most beautiful and tonally superior, legendary woods in the world. 


25 1/2” scale
Body 19 1/2” long
Lower bout 15 1/2” wide
“The Tree” Mahogany back & sides and Tunnel 13 Redwood Top
Western Purflex® Purfling and T13 Rosette
Body depth 4 1/2”
Boxwood appointments
New, freer top bracing
Mahogany neck
Ebony FB & bridge
Arm Bevel and pierced Sound Port
10 degree back angle and fully compensated saddle of 5000 year old Walrus Ivory
Carved buttons and Carved truss rod cover