The African Rose


  1. The African Rose Hausa rosette

  2. The African Rose Hausa FB inlays

  3. Top quality Gotoh tuners with custom carved buttons

  4. Boxwood body binding

  5. Boxwood  FB binding

  6. Hausa Bridge inlays

  7. 5000 year old walrus ivory nut and saddle

  8. 5000 year old walrus ivory bridge pins and end pin

  9. Inlaid back strip

  10. Rare Curly African Rosewood back and sides

  11. Exquisite Curly Redwood top

  12. $22,500

We will make only 3 of these.

The African Rose Series guitars are available in any Petros body style.

In addition to all the Petros Standard Features,

The African Rose includes:

Tennessee Waltz

Listen to Kinloch Nelson playing “Tennessee Waltz” on an African Rose GC.  Compare this to other clips on this site played by Kinloch of the same song on different guitars..