Guitarists, it seems, are always looking for a certain sound, or tone. In an effort to find this “Holy Grail,” you play many guitars. Although some of these instruments have great reputations that precede them, all too often you get your hopes up only to realize within two or three chords that you have nothing more than a collage of wood, glue, and strings in your hands. Yet, the quest continues and when you least expect it, you play a guitar that seems to move, think, and respond as you do. An unusual feeling overtakes you and you are not certain whether to feel delight or fear. You play more and when you finally set this guitar down, you hear the guitar say, “Come back again and play some more.” It is as if the guitar has chosen the player. No matter how long it takes, you will return.  I did return because I knew that there was something very special about Petros Guitars. It is a wonderful feeling to realize that I now have the best guitar I can have. With this guitar, my music has found a home.                    Jerry Kosak

Jerry Kosak

                                                 with video clip

Jerry Kosak Playing “Waitin’ For Columbus” on his Cocobolo and Adirondack Petros

Grand Concert       

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