Return to Applecreek

After many enjoyable years of designing new models and design concepts, Petros Guitars has decided to bring back their old stand-by base model, The Applecreek. The name is derived from the location of their first guitar shop on Applecreek Road back in the early 70’s. They bring to this vintage model all of the new innovations they have developed over the years including their new, freer braced top and the back slanted saddle. To keep up with new regulations they have incorporated a new purfling, Dragon Skin, that sparkles like the morning dew on a mossy green and can be shipped anywhere in the world without permit.

Top-of-the-Line Features

Luthiers Bruce & Matt Petros use only well aged, master-grade Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce or Cedar to produce the Applecreek, which boasts a radiused arched top, innovative top bracing concepts, meticulously graduated top, a dovetailed neck joint glued with hot hide glue, wood binding and an ingenious, back slanted, fully compensated saddle made of real bone. Dragon Skin is used for purfling and to accent the Cherry Rosette. Finally, the Applecreek is topped off with quality 18:1 Gotoh tuners.


No Shortcuts, No Compromises

Building instruments in the old way, using their hands to hold tools, not push buttons, the Applecreek incorporates all of the innovative features which make Petros guitars one of the most sought after instruments for discriminating guitarists. There are no shortcuts; no compromises.

Available in any body style.

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